A while ago, I wrote about the little ones that I watch on Tuesday and Thursday mornings… Here are some pictures of our times together. I love them!



Negotiations with the little ones are always a struggle… I wish so much I knew more Thai to communicate with them. It is pretty amazing how much can be said with out language though. Tag is universal- so me chasing them around the room while they scream and laugh happens a lot. : )



There is a lot of black magic in Thailand. There are a lot of men and women who believe in charms and spirit. They want good luck and ask for spirits to enter their lives. We had worship this morning and one of the women could not sit still for the entire service then in the middle she flung herself on the ground. I thought it was a seizure at first, but the woman was seizing for a different reason. There was a spirit in her that was tormenting her. She has a tattoo on her back that is black magic.

I won’t pretend that I know a lot about this. Apparently when you get this tattoo a prayer is said that invites spirits into your body. She was speaking in Thai but she was saying that that it felt like she was being stabbed where the tattoo was. I can’t explain the whole situation…. There were around 10 women holding this one woman down so she wouldn’t hurt herself. We began to pray over her. People switched out holding her and praying for her. A grown man couldn’t hold her by himself, she was fighting so hard. We were all just praying and speaking Jesus’ name over her. They were telling her in Thai that she was a child of God and that she was loved and she would yell, “It’s not true!” She would throw a fit for a time and then she would relax. Those around her were telling her to speak the name of Jesus- she couldn’t. Then she would go into another fit. Everyone around her was surrounding her in overwhelming love and prayer.

It was an extremely intense time. I had peace while we were praying. That morning I had been reading Psalms- Even when we are in the valley of the shadow of death we don’t have to fear for God is with us. We prayed for an hour or more. There were two Thai women there and a couple Thai men that spoke to the spirit in her with authority and in Truth. It was a battle. God was present in that room, I know. I had an overwhelming sense that He was clutching this woman to Himself.

Finally the woman’s body relaxed. Her face relaxed she started to lift her hands in the air. There were a couple people on guitar singing praise and worship songs. This woman joined in and began to sing with them. We sang for a while and praised God. Then one of the men asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus. She said yes and he lead her in a prayer. I couldn’t understand it of course, but she spoke the name of Jesus and surrendered everything to Him. I know that there is deliverance and freedom in the name of Jesus- this was so evident and powerful today.

This just happened a couple hours ago. Please continue to pray for this woman. This was a hard battle for her life and soul, and I know that she will continue to need prayers for encouragement, love and light.


Tuesday and Thursday mornings I have been going in and helping with the kids in day care. All of them are in the 1-3 range in age, so they’re chattering in Thai and I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, but there is a Thai woman (who is wonderful with kids) that works with me, so she translates for me sometimes.

Every morning there is a time of prayer and singing with the kids. I join in singing when I can, but for the most part I can’t keep up with the Thai. Today I played guitar while the kids sang. My favorite moment of it all is when we were singing “God is so good” in Thai and one of the little girls was sitting cross legged, eyes closed, head bowed, singing to Jesus. It was so precious. I am so thankful that these kids get so much love in the Well’s childcare center. They learn about Jesus and get so much love from their caregivers.

Breakthrough of the day: Minnie, a little girl who just turned 2, she has been afraid of me (and most foreigners) since I got here. Today she came up to be and put her tiny little hands in the air for me to pick her up! All the extra love to win her over = success! 🙂

Please pray for our friend’s father and family. Our friend is a worker here at the well and her father is not doing well. Please pray for her during this hard time.


Here on my knees again

Tuesday night a group of us traveled downtown to Banyan Tree Hotel to see the city lights. I was expecting a good view, but this view was breathe taking. My camera couldn’t even begin to capture it. We were on the roof of the hotel and Bangkok sprawls out as far as your eyes can see…

          Kindra, Heather, me, and Summer loving the view

Just last night our little family here and some of our friends went to a Hillsong United concert. The concert was an hour away via taxi. We got there at 5:30 and the concert was supposed to start at 7. At 7:30 we were still standing outside the stadium. It was like 98 degrees.. everyone was incredibly sweaty. Finally we were told that they were having sound problems. Apparently someone had gotten electrocuted and a couple small fires had started.. (yes, small fires. Awesome, Thailand) They told us the concert would probably be canceled but if we wanted to wait 45 more minutes they were going to try and fix everything.

We waited. The crowd was so diverse. We met a guy from East Timor and his friend from Nepal. There were people there from Sri Lanka, Nigeria, the Philippines.. Some had traveled from so far, and the concert they came to see was most likely not going to happen because things were starting on fire. Not good. People began praying that things would work out. We joined a giant group from a local church and prayed with them and then decided we cam all this way, we were going to sing no matter what. We sang a few songs and waited some more. Finally at 9:30, they told us all was fixed and the concert was happening.

Praise the Lord for AC.. We walked into the cold stadium- because so many people had left, we got great seats. The concert was awesome. Hillsong was super apologetic for the wait. Once the concert started I didn’t even care how hot, tired, and sweaty I had been while waiting. That stadium was alive. If you haven’t heard the song “Like an Avalanche” listen to it.

One of the lines of the songs says “I find myself here on my knees again, caught up in grace like an avalanche. Nothing compares to this love.” That was impressed on my heart so strongly. NOTHING compares to the love of our God. The joy and love in the room was overwhelming. (literally like an avalanche) There were so many people praising the Lord and I was SO blessed to be a part of it all.


Hello everyone!

It’s the afternoon time here, and so far it’s been a pretty low-key day. Unfortunately, since last Thursday Kin has been really sick… I thought I was going to have to force feed her crackers to keep her from wasting away, but she’s starting to feel better. Praise the Lord. Today she was able to come in to work again- which I have been so happy for. In addition to all the things that she does, she provides a good bit of laughter in my day. 🙂

Kindra is making awesome and beautiful designy stuff. No lie- she’s good. And I have been sitting in on meetings and typing out a policy manual for the Well. This weekend we reached our max number of people in our house so far- we had 11 people. Lots of activity and LOTS of Thai food=> happiness. I’m learning to love the spicy too. (correction: I’m learning to love American “spicy”- still can’t handle Thai spicy).

One of the extra people we’ve had in the house these past couple days is our new friend Heather. She flew in from Hong Kong and has been shooting some footage for a new promotional video for the Well with Kindra and Cori. It’s been really encouraging and refreshing to have her around. Tonight we’re going into town to get some footage of nightlife in BKK. I love me some city lights, so it should be a great night.

I may have discovered my favorite food in the whole world here: Rotee. It’s basically fried goodness covered in sweetened condensed milk and sugar. (everyone loves the sweetened condensed milk here- seriously) But really: it’s pastry filled with egg and banana. Sounds crazy, but it changes your life.

Also, I just killed a spider that was on the wall close to my head. Add told me that I should have let it bite me so that I could be spiderwoman- I said no and smashed it with my shoe. So many bugs here. Kindra is really good at killing cockroaches. Me, not so much.

Hope you all are doing well!!!

home is where…

this is kindra if you were wondering 😉 today was full of fun new things… Air Conditioning AND peanut M&M’s from the Seven Eleven. . . Ook so maybe nothing really new has happened but don’t worry the M&M’s do taste the same here.  In other news…I have been given the beautiful task of design so many pieces for the Well. I am having a ton of fun starting on all of these projects, ranging from the website, business cards, newsletters, logos..etc. It’s been fun to design for a place like this. I rarely use bright colors and feminine design styles. Its a good change of pace. This weekend a women is coming in to shoot some pieces for us to make a promotional video and some new ideas I have for the website. This should be fun! I am loving that I am using what I studied…Grandpa will be proud!

Also.. I have made a new friend that Kirsten told you about … but just a couple pictures of him !!!!

Please be praying for us! It is starting to feel a little like home here and the days are flying, but I think the enemy could be stirring things too.  This place is beautiful and dark in the same breath. But the Lord is sovereign and good. Pray for the Well. Both the staff and the women. Pray that we all will be fleeing from earthly temptations. Pray the Lord sustains the workers; ministry can take it out of you.  But know we are hopeful.

13 I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

14 Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart  and wait for the LORD.”

ice cold

This is Kirsten typing for anyone who cares to know.. 🙂 It is incredibly hot here. I looked on the forecast for tomorrow- it’s supposed to feel like 98- the temp and the humidity will have us sweating all day for sure. This is the weather that makes me welcome cold showers. Turn the water as cold as it will go and enjoy a few short minutes of bliss. I will say- this weather gives me an excuse to look like a mess at all times during the day. It also makes a banana smoothie the most delicious thing on earth. I’m not one who deals with heat too well, but I have been amazed… life goes on without air conditioning and I’m learning to adjust to how many people live life.

Yesterday in church we were practically laughing with joy because the church we attended froze us out with their air conditioning. Those two hours were very refreshing. Not just because of the ac though. The people in the church were incredibly welcoming to all of us. And the music.. I love the bend of English and Thai being sung at the same time.

In addition, this house if full of musicians. Almost everyone plays the guitar or keyboard. In the morning and evening someone is playing or singing, and it’s wonderful. So many praise and worships songs. It really makes the atmosphere here so uplifting.

Today Kindra made a friend… They were having some good times. He’s completely adorable and the two of them made me laugh so hard.

Best buddies

Hope you all are doing well back home! It’s getting late here, so I’m headed to bed for the night. Thank you for your prayers- special request: Kindra isn’t feeling the greatest right now- she got a cold/sinus thing… (I know. In this weather, how in the world?) Please pray that she gets to feeling 100%! 🙂