the last days

The Beginning of the end.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was our last worship time at the Well. Worship happens a couple times a week and it is usually the only time all the students and staff are in the same room. So, this was the last time we’d all be in the same room before Kirsten and I leave. We sang normal thai worship songs. Different people shared, including myself. It was a great last time. I was completely overwhelmed. There were tears ( a lot on my part. kirsten doesn’t cry anymore ) and laughing and gifts and many many encouraging words and  a lot of prayer. It is amazing that God gave Kirsten and I the opportunity to come to Bangkok. We both have been blessed beyond words by this experience. The Well has given me a whole new prospective on the Creator. God is good all the time and I see that here. God is powerful. God is in control. And nothing is impossible for Him.  I will always remember these men and women. This country is beautiful, but nothing is more beautiful than the body of Christ being the body.

Thank you, thank you, thank you …


About twointhailand

สวัสดี ("Hello!") We are two friends from college. We are spending the next two months in Bangkok, Thailand! We know that God is doing great things here in Bangkok and we are so excited to witness and be a part of this. This blog is just a snapshot of our life here that we want to share with you all! Love from Thailand, Kirsten and Kindra. View all posts by twointhailand

One response to “the last days

  • linda

    In my daughter’s eyes everyone is equal
    Darkness turns to light and the
    world is at peace
    This miracle God gave to me
    gives me strength when I am weak
    I find reason to believe
    In my daughter’s eyes

    ~ from here to Thailand a million times and back again

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