plank that . .

Monday. Our friend Karen convinced Kindra and I that we should take her to see some temples and the Sleeping Buddah that is famous here in Bangkok. We headed to take full advantage of the afternoon. We made the trek to the temples. Kindra and I were sitting outside one of the temples while Karen looked around inside. We were just sitting and chatting. Many tourist were milling about around us. Then an Indian man came up to Kindra. “Can I take picture?” Taken aback, Kindra said sure… It all happened so fast, but the best way to describe the next moments is that a SWARM of about 15 Indian men got out their cameras and started having a photo shoot with the really white girl with really blonde hair… I was laughing so hard! I did collect myself enough to snap a couple photos of the occurrence, then we had to shoo them all away. We walked away thinking, “What in the world just happened??!” Shady.

Walking around the temple everything was so ornate. Kindra, Karen, and I took a moment to talk about Buddhism. It’s so sad to me. Reaching Nirvana. Beating your body and following a million rules to remove all human desires. I can’t help but feeling so sad that this religion is the most prominent here. I talked to a young monk the other day. He initiated the conversation. I learned later that this is against their rules so I’m really shocked he talked to me at all. He was 19 years old. He told me that he has been a monk for 6 years, but he wants to “disrobe” (take a break from being a monk) for awhile so that he can do what he wants for awhile. Then, he said, he’ll become a monk again after he gets his fill of the fun life. I left that conversation with a lot on my mind… Discipline is not a bad thing by any means. It’s actually very good, but we were created to feel and create and BE HUMAN. We have desires – LIKE EATING.. Monks aren’t allowed to eat supper. I couldn’t help thinking that all this work was put into these temples, so much effort is expended forcing yourself to follow a million rules and in the end it is a very, very empty life.

SOOOOO, friends, live a full life! Live a life with meaning!!! 🙂

I also believe the title of this blog begs an explanation. If you haven’t heard.. Planking is lying flat on your stomach in ridiculous places and taking a picture of yourself. Sooo of course we had to plank at the temple. Enjoy.


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สวัสดี ("Hello!") We are two friends from college. We are spending the next two months in Bangkok, Thailand! We know that God is doing great things here in Bangkok and we are so excited to witness and be a part of this. This blog is just a snapshot of our life here that we want to share with you all! Love from Thailand, Kirsten and Kindra. View all posts by twointhailand

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