weekend holiday

This past week a good good woman came to visit the Well. Her name is Karen and she is a teacher in DC. She also is an impressive persuader . It took one 5 minute conversation for her to convince us that we needed to fly to Chiang Mai with her. We took the day to book all the necessary things : plane, hotel, and bus. Then we were off!  The weekend was packed with too too many fun times, but I would love to share the highlights! So it all started with the w o r s t bus ride of all time . I was so angry I almost cried. But we got to check into our hotel at 530 in the morning ( which would never happen in the states). So the day turned around right away. The hotel bed was AMAZING!!! It’s like a cloud! And we had a hot shower …. We haven’t had a hot shower in two months. I’m a happy girl and I think Kirsten was in heaven. After a quick nap, we started the day with a blueberry muffin and coffee from the good old Starbucks and then saw alll the old city (walk walk walk walk). Next great lunch at a cute cafe. Then we went to a cooking school. We spent five hours learning to cook lots of different Thai dishes . It was so fun and I met so many cool people . Two people from South Africa, Fioana and Charolette. They were fantastic old women!! Kirsten and I can’t wait to be them!! Cooking was a blast! That was Saturday ..

Sunday consisted of…

We rode elephants ! They were so so so so cute. We hiked a few miles to a giant waterfall for a swim . Then we went white water rafting and then bamboo rafting too . We did all of that for 30 American dollars ! That’s nuts! It was tons a fun. After all of that we went swimming in our hotel pool took showers and went to the night Market. We slept on our clouds one more time and then flew home! ( love airasia )

Chiang Mai was beautiful. Breath taking really.  And we had great company. All and all I am a very happy girl!


About twointhailand

สวัสดี ("Hello!") We are two friends from college. We are spending the next two months in Bangkok, Thailand! We know that God is doing great things here in Bangkok and we are so excited to witness and be a part of this. This blog is just a snapshot of our life here that we want to share with you all! Love from Thailand, Kirsten and Kindra. View all posts by twointhailand

One response to “weekend holiday

  • Linda Six

    What a wonderful time–hot showers, cloud beds, elephants. Love gifts from Jesus. I remember when I was in Java and during Christmas vacation we went to Bali and stayed in a motel–it was so beautiful and having things like back home was so refreshing. Although I loved the Indonesian food. I could go for some sate right now!! The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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