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ice cold

This is Kirsten typing for anyone who cares to know.. 🙂 It is incredibly hot here. I looked on the forecast for tomorrow- it’s supposed to feel like 98- the temp and the humidity will have us sweating all day for sure. This is the weather that makes me welcome cold showers. Turn the water as cold as it will go and enjoy a few short minutes of bliss. I will say- this weather gives me an excuse to look like a mess at all times during the day. It also makes a banana smoothie the most delicious thing on earth. I’m not one who deals with heat too well, but I have been amazed… life goes on without air conditioning and I’m learning to adjust to how many people live life.

Yesterday in church we were practically laughing with joy because the church we attended froze us out with their air conditioning. Those two hours were very refreshing. Not just because of the ac though. The people in the church were incredibly welcoming to all of us. And the music.. I love the bend of English and Thai being sung at the same time.

In addition, this house if full of musicians. Almost everyone plays the guitar or keyboard. In the morning and evening someone is playing or singing, and it’s wonderful. So many praise and worships songs. It really makes the atmosphere here so uplifting.

Today Kindra made a friend… They were having some good times. He’s completely adorable and the two of them made me laugh so hard.

Best buddies

Hope you all are doing well back home! It’s getting late here, so I’m headed to bed for the night. Thank you for your prayers- special request: Kindra isn’t feeling the greatest right now- she got a cold/sinus thing… (I know. In this weather, how in the world?) Please pray that she gets to feeling 100%! 🙂



Saturday was my birthday, and we were able to take the day to see around Bangkok. Kindra and I went with our friend (and tour guide for the day) Ad to see around some. Bongkok is huuuge. I can’t even believe it. There are roughly 16 million people in this city. We rode one of the water taxi’s up the river, which gives you an awesome view of the city.


We got off and walked a little ways to Wat Pho. Wat Pho is the temple in Bangkok that houses the sleeping Buddha. Here some pictures from inside and around the temple…


We also saw the Grand Palace… and Kindra walked with some monks.


Later we met up with the rest of our house to eat mukrata. Basically it’s a buffet of meat and vegetables that you cook yourself at your table. AMAZING! So much good food and for so little money- my kind of place… These pictures also introduce you to all the wonderful people that Kindra and I are living with this summer. Hannah is from London and has been working at the Well for the past 8 months. Cori, Jup, and Ad are full time staff here at the Well.

Kindra and Hannah making something delicious

Summer, Me, Cori, and Jup! 

Hannah and Ad- playing some air drums with the chop sticks





Such a good day. I feel so blessed to be a part of the instant family that I found here! 🙂





Neon Lights

Wednesday night was the first night that Kindra and I went on the outreach trip. After supper we traveled to Soi Cowboy. This is a street that is known especially for the amount of bars and clubs that are on it. Before we went we prayed for the women that we would meet and talk with. As we rounded the corner of the street, tons of neon lights came into view. It was a lot to take in. There are several specific bars on the street that Cori and Jup, two women that live and work at the Well, have established relationships with, so we went to one of those bars to begin with. We talked with a couple of the women there. They were very happy to see Cori and Jup and to meet us. They spoke fairly good English. After a few minutes we walked on down the street. Cori told us that she wanted us to go ahead and engage in conversation with whoever we felt led to talk to. We had walked for a ways when a particular bar caught my eye. I walk up to two women sitting at a raised table. I introduced myself and my friends Cori and Ad. We began talking- learning their names, where they were from, about their families, ect. It’s hard to tell you what all I was feeling as we were sitting there talking. These two women were so nice and sweet, and yet the lifestyle that was so evident all around us was one of brokenness and extreme pain. I saw all the men- many of them foreign- walking the street and meeting women. I felt anger and sadness at the same time. My heart was breaking for all of them. We talked and had drinks with the women for over an hour. When we got back to our house around 10:30, we took time to talk and pray for all the women that we had encountered. They have continued to be on my heart throughout today. My prayer is that they would be drawn towards light and love. That the Lord would continue to work in their hearts and draw them to Him.

Please pray for these men and women and for the relationships that we are beginning to form during the evenings of outreach.

Our walk home

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The Well

About the ministry …

From the website- “The Well is a Christian ministry in Thailand under Servantworks and other partner organizations.  Its purpose is to love Thai bar girls and sex workers in the same way that Jesus loved that woman and others like her; to help her see and experience her true value as a creation by God, and to help her, her family and village indeed find their dream of a better life.  The Well provides counseling, training, job development and other services to women and their family members.”

From me – The Well is located on the west side of Bangkok; it is a 15 minute walk from our apartment. The ministry owns three different buildings. Building one is the student house and where we do almost daily worship, building two is the office and work space, and building three is the day care. Currently the Well has 30 students enrolled, some who are residential and others who live on their own. The women and men are beautiful and the staff is just as special. These people love Jesus, desire to be like Him, and call on Him all the hours of the day.

It is a place that is truly a community…

fasten your seatbelts

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Like we said … it took 28 hours of travel. We flew from Indianapolis – Chicago – Tokyo – Bangkok . We ate a lot of plane food, slept way too much, and watched some Japanese films. BUT now we are taking on Bangkok!

Gung and Bplaa

Hey everyone! After 28 hours of travel, we arrived in Bangkok on Sunday night. We realize it’s Thursday now, so we’re really sorry this is the first blog that you’re reading from us! We’ll catch you up as fast as we can with some pictures and videos, so here’s what’s gone on.

The minute we arrived our Thai friend Jup explained that our names were too hard. She said that most Thai people go by nicknames, so we should have nicknames too that are easier to say. We have now become Gung and Bplaa. Literal translation: shrimp and fish. Monday morning we had a crash course in introducing ourselves in Thai. We introduced ourselves to all the students at the Well. We got lots of laughter in response (our Thai is still pretty rough).

Fastrack, we’re fluent in Thai, today we’re going to teach English today at the Well, which neither of us have really done, but we’re going to do our best and we speak the language so hopefully it will go well.

We’ll get more pictures and videos to you soon, but until then if you would like to be praying for us, please pray that we would be able to connect with the women that we are teaching English to, and that would be a light to them as they get to know us better.